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New Workplace Trends in Ireland for Employers in 2023

As we begin to further progress into the year, we have decided to take a closer look at some of the upcoming workplace trends for employers in Ireland for 2023.

With employers and business owners alike likely to reinvest in their personnel to satisfy the continuously increasing demand in 2023, Ireland is predicted to have seen the fastest economic growth rate within the European Union over the past 12 months.

Our workplace trends for Irish employers for 2023 are listed below.

Workplace Trends in Ireland for 2023

Talent Shortages in Ireland

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In a number of sectors, including technology, finance, healthcare, and professional services, Ireland is experiencing an increase in the demand for qualified workers. As a result, there is more rivalry for the best employees and a shortage of qualified workers in certain fields.

Due to the strong demand for qualified workers in these industries, employers are having a difficult time attracting and keeping top talent. To attract and keep top people, businesses must provide competitive compensation and perks as well as chances for professional development.

For firms, hiring is becoming increasingly difficult due to the talent shortage. Many are having trouble finding the proper people with the required knowledge and expertise to fill openings, which is resulting in lengthier hiring procedures and more competition for
top candidates.

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Continuing the Remote Transition

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant increase in remote work in Ireland, and many employers are expected to continue to offer remote work options in 2023 as the transition to a remote working world continues with over 22.5% of the workforce still exclusively working from home.

Given that both businesses and employees are getting used to working remotely, this tendency is probably going to continue. Due to the flexibility and comfort of the work environment, employers in Ireland are discovering that remote work can enhance employee productivity.

Employers must, however, also guarantee that remote employees have access to the resources and tools they need to be effective. In a remote workplace, communication and collaboration can be more difficult, therefore companies must come up with innovative strategies to keep their remote workers as close to them as possible.

Workplace Trends

Employee Benefit Packages

In order to entice and keep the best personnel, employers in Ireland are providing competitive benefit packages. With a growing emphasis on employee wellbeing, this includes providing a variety of benefits like health insurance, pension plans, paid time off, and flexible working arrangements.

As mentioned above, as firms try to encourage work-life balance for their employees, flexible working solutions, such as remote work and flexible hours, are becoming more popular in Ireland. This can aid in lowering turnover and raising employee satisfaction.

As we move further into 2023, firms in Ireland will place a greater emphasis on investing in staff training and development programs. Employees may learn new skills and knowledge as a result, which may boost their motivation and job satisfaction.

Focus on Employer Branding

As Irish businesses fight for top talent in a competitive labour market, employer branding has grown in significance. An organisation can promote itself as a desirable employer and recruit top talent with the support of a strong employer brand.

Companies in Ireland are attempting to develop a strong employer brand by emphasising their corporate culture, values, and mission as well as by advertising distinctive employee benefits and chances for professional advancement. Employers are promoting their employer brands by leveraging social media, company websites, and employee testimonials.

As employees are more likely to be motivated and dedicated to a firm with a strong and favourable brand, employer branding can also help to enhance employee engagement and happiness.

Temporary Staffing Proves Popular

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As businesses are under more pressure to handle their staffing needs effectively and efficiently, there is an increase in the need for temporary staffing solutions in Ireland for 2023. This includes addressing the need for particular talents, controlling changes in the workforce’s requirements, and filling temporary job openings.

In Ireland, a variety of businesses, including technology, banking, healthcare, and professional services, use temporary staffing solutions. This enables businesses to get the skills and knowledge they require whenever they need it.

Companies may find temporary staffing solutions to be a cost-effective alternative because they may avoid the expenses of recruiting permanent employees, such as payroll taxes and benefits. At CREGG, we offer tailored temporary staffing solutions to employers all over Ireland through our expert consultants.

Thank you for reading our blog on Workplace Trends for Employers in Ireland for 2023 and we hope you can use some of this information to help your company prosper over the next 12 months.

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