Medical Devices

Recruiting for the Medical Devices Sector

Speed to market, without compromising quality, is a cornerstone of the medical device sector, with agility a key component, and teams working closely together at all stages of a product’s life cycle and all places within a company’s operations.

Here is a look at how we approach recruiting for our clients in the medical devices sector.


Agile Processes

Our agile internal processes are particularly suited to the competitive medical device sector, with our time-to-candidate-selection greatly compressed through:

  • Providing experienced professionals who prove highly productive from Day 1 of hire
  • Continuously maintaining ‘warm pools’ of pre-vetted candidates
  • Achieving quick turnaround times and consistent yields during ramp-ups
  • Creating bespoke assessment tools and ongoing communication to ensure culture fit for individual clients


Whatever your requirements…

Skilled scientists, engineers, and operators e.g. with highly specific work experience…catheters (extrusion or balloons), stents (drug-eluting, cardiac and neurovascular).


Whatever the ability…

Manual dexterity, spatial intelligence, mechanical reasoning…


Whichever the function…

Recruiting for the medical device sector can involve sourcing specific skill sets for…

  • Regulations & Standards (21 CFR 820; 21 CFR 210/211; ISO 13485; ISO 9001)
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Formulation Science
  • Technology Transfer
  • New Product Introduction
  • Research & Development
  • Commissioning & Qualification
  • Process/Equipment Validation
  • Design Control

We’re acutely skilled at Locating, Assessing, and Matching talent to an organisation’s needs.


Medical Devices


Three-Pronged Approach

Our approach to sourcing talent for our clients is three-pronged.

  1. We mine our existing, extensive client database
  2. We advertise and target key talent via integrated social media tools
  3. We generate word-of-mouth referrals from our network

We don’t wait for top talent to seek us out; we are proactive in identifying the best candidates through recommendations from our trusted associates and monitoring careers so we know when target candidates are ready for an upward move or a change in career.



We hope you found this look at recruitment in the medical devices sector insightful!

Remember, the deftness required to operate in a highly technical sector can only be attained by having the right people, with the right skills and temperament, in the right place, all working harmoniously to overcome the many challenges companies in a highly regulated sector may face.

Choosing the right team is the key to attaining this equilibrium and that’s CREGG’s specialisation.

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