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Engineering in Ireland – Industry Insights 2023

Engineering in Ireland is one of the largest sectors within the recruitment industry and we at CREGG have witnessed firsthand a remarkable growth rate over the recent past in demand for filling a growing number of available positions within the sector.

Ireland is home to a mix of both multinational engineering firms and smaller indigenous companies whose goal is to foster the current crop of engineers that already exists within the nation.

Whether you’re an aspiring engineer seeking career prospects or an MNC / SME in search of key talent, CREGG has a dedicated engineering team trusted to find the perfect solution for you.

If you are considering a career in engineering or wondering if an engineering role is suitable for you in the long-term, our analysis suggests that countless opportunities lie ahead for this critical industry such as technological advancements, sustainability requirements and a growing national community currently paving the way for a positive outlook on Irish engineering for the future.

Without further ado, delve into what the current engineering in Ireland landscape is looking like

Industry Outlook 2023

CREGG understands the importance of staying abreast of the latest trends and developments that shape this dynamic sector. In 2023, the engineering industry in Ireland continues to evolve, driven by innovation, sustainability, and emerging technologies, with current trends emerging such as:

Ireland’s commitment to sustainability

The transition to a greener economy has fuelled the demand for engineers with expertise in sustainable practices and renewable energy. With the government’s ambitious target to achieve 70% renewable electricity by 2030, there has been a surge in job opportunities within the renewable energy sector.

Tailored skill sets

Several key skill sets are in high demand within the engineering industry in Ireland. According to recent data, some of the most sought-after skills include proficiency in computer-aided design (CAD), experience in project management, knowledge of sustainable engineering practices, expertise in automation and robotics, and strong problem-solving and analytical abilities.

Digital advancements

Engineering in Ireland is undergoing a digital transformation, with an increasing reliance on advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), as well as automation. In 2023, engineers with expertise in software development, data analytics, and cybersecurity are highly sought after to support these digital initiatives.

Engineering Jobs are hard to fill

The engineering industry in Ireland is currently posing a unique challenge for recruiters and employers alike as the current demand for skilled engineering professionals is outpacing the available talent pool across the nation. With a growing number of organisations continuing to grow and sprout across the sector, the competition for the best talent has intensified.

We recently asked our LinkedIn audience “What roles do you find hardest to recruit for?”” with the Engineering sector returning with the vast majority of the vote at 71%

The engineering sector in Ireland recently witnessed a 25% increase in related job vacancies compared to 2021 while the actual number of graduate engineers launching a career in the industry grew by only 5%.

According to industry experts, engineering jobs in Ireland are the hardest positions to fill across all sectors of industry with over 67% of starting roles remaining open for longer than a 60-day period with particular difficulty recruiting for the positions of M&E Project Engineers, Design Engineers, Senior Project Engineers & Resident Engineers.

Initiatives for Engineering in Ireland

Recognising the importance of attracting talented graduates to the engineering field, several initiatives have been implemented to encourage young individuals to pursue engineering careers in Ireland for 2023 and beyond.

These programmes aim to showcase the diverse opportunities, foster innovation, and support the development of a highly skilled engineering workforce and combat the current shortages that exist throughout the industry.

Education & Outreach

Numerous educational institutions, engineering associations, and industry bodies in Ireland have established programs focused on promoting engineering among students.

For example, Engineers Ireland’s STEPS program engages with over 50,000 students annually, introducing them to engineering through classroom visits, workshops, and site visits, giving students hands-on experience and insight into engineering in Ireland.

Scholarships & Grants

To encourage students to pursue engineering degrees, scholarships and grants are available to support their academic journey.

For instance, the Naughton Foundation Scholarship offers substantial financial support to exceptional students pursuing engineering, science, and technology-related courses.

Women in Engineering

Efforts to address gender imbalance in engineering continue to gain momentum in Ireland. Women in engineering initiatives aim to inspire, support, and empower women to pursue engineering careers.

According to Engineers Ireland, women accounted for around 27% of engineering graduates in Ireland in 2022, highlighting the ongoing need for initiatives to encourage greater female representation.

Why to use a Recruiter for Engineering Roles?

The current disparity between job openings and available talent has made it increasingly difficult for engineering firms across Ireland to satisfy their current employee requirements with a significant skills gap becoming more and more obvious across all facets of the industry.

This shortage is particularly evident in specialised aspects of the engineering sector such as Software Engineering, Data Analytics and Renewables in great need of help from recruitment specialists to continue to grow within Ireland’s thriving market.

CREGG is a nationwide recruitment company with 7 locations across the island of Ireland and we are dedicated to help you along your recruitment journey within the engineering industry by implementing tailored strategies, exploring all aspects of the current talent market and always providing you with the solution you need.

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