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The Future of MedTech Careers in Ireland

Ireland stands out as a global leader in the medical technology (med tech) sector, boasting a 50-year track record of attracting significant investments. This impressive journey has seen Ireland become home to 14 of the top 15 MedTech companies, all working towards the goal of making life-improving – and life-saving – modern medical technologies. With over 300 companies and 40,000 employees, Ireland is not just a major player but also the largest employer of MedTech professionals in Europe per capita.


MedTech: An Exporting Powerhouse

Ireland’s MedTech sector is not only a major contributor to the country’s exports but also a key player in advancing global healthcare outcomes. With annual exports exceeding €13 billion and accounting for 8% of Ireland’s total exports, the sector’s influence is undeniable. The focus on innovation, digitalisation, and next-generation technologies keeps Ireland at the forefront of the MedTech industry. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 80% of stents used worldwide are manufactured here;
  • 50% of ventilators used in acute hospitals are made in Ireland
  • 25% of injectable devices used by diabetes patients and others are produced here.



The Appeal of MedTech Careers

Working in Ireland’s MedTech sector offers numerous benefits. Key factors that are attracting candidates to work in this field include, excellent career progression, great work life balance, competitive salaries, and many other perks to go with it, making it an appealing choice for both entry level candidates and professionals seeking opportunities in a dynamic and rewarding field.


You’re Trusted Career Partner

As an experienced Recruiter at CREGG, I understand the nuances and opportunities within the MedTech sector intimately. My experience of recruiting within the life science industry, coupled with my close connections to family members, friends and professionals building their careers in renowned MedTech companies, allows me to offer unique insights and guidance.

Whether you’re considering a career change or exploring new industries, MedTech offers limitless long-term options, underscoring its potential for growth and innovation.


Supporting Your MedTech Career

At CREGG, we’re committed to helping you navigate this vibrant sector. Our team is well-equipped to advise on various aspects of the MedTech industry and career transitions. From understanding the intricacies of Ireland’s MedTech landscape to identifying the right career path for you, we’re here to support you every step of your journey.

It’s always beneficial for individuals to explore diverse career paths. My team and I are here to advise and provide more information about the industry. If there are specific aspects of the MedTech industry or career transitions that you’d like more information on or if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

For more information about MedTech careers in Ireland and how CREGG can support your career journey, feel free to get in touch! #MedTech Careers


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