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Irish Recruitment – 5 Great Reasons to Work in this Growing Industry

Are you seeking a career change? Embarking on a new professional journey?, Or even just trying to find something new that suits you? Why not consider a new job and work in Irish recruitment.

CREGG invites you to discover the dynamic and thriving industry that is Irish recruitment, where you have the opportunity to join a growing organisation where you can become an invaluable member of our group.

For over three decades, CREGG has acted as Ireland’s recruitment specialists and trusted partners to companies of all shapes and sizes, operating across many diverse industries throughout Ireland including Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Medical, Construction and many more.

Our experience and human-centric approach towards everything we do gives us the edge and innate ability to successfully meet your working needs and we can guarantee that no two days will be the same when working in Irish recruitment.

Did you know: The Irish recruitment industry is experiencing remarkable growth, with employment placement agencies projected to generate €4.1 billion in revenue by 2023.

At CREGG, we are proud to boast a national reach that is built upon a localised approach, so no matter where you are located across the island of Ireland you are best placed to take the next step in your career with CREGG.

Are you prepared to help us?

If you are not convinced yet, we have outlined a number of compelling reasons as to why working in Irish recruitment at CREGG is an exceptional choice.

There is always room to grow

The demand for young and hungry professionals within Irish recruitment is growing at an extraordinary rate with recruitment companies nationwide always on the search for the next perfect fit for their organisation.

No matter if you are starting out in recruitment in a junior position or you are a senior manager with years of experience under your belt, there is always space for progression with the majority of Irish recruitment firms adopting a hierarchical structure with a clear pathway for development through the ranks from Consultants to Team Leaders to Managers and beyond.

We at CREGG always attempt to give our employees something to work towards and as you continue to grow, develop and meet your targets, we are over the moon to help you climb your career ladder and progress within the industry.

78% of professionals within Irish recruitment believe there is a clear professional pathway in place.

Career support & Professional Development

The Irish recruitment industry never sits still and is always evolving and bringing with it new challenges and requirements and companies operating successfully within the industry understand the significant importance of providing exceptional professional development opportunities for their staff.

Examples of these programmes include –

Industry Specific Training – The majority of successful recruitment agencies across Ireland, including CREGG, operate across all sectors of industry and these companies must have the necessary training requirements in place for employees.

Leadership Development – As you begin to progress through the ranks of a recruitment company, there will of course be challenges and advancements that you will need to be prepared for as you gain increased responsibility.

Candidate Assessment Techniques – Given the likelihood of working across a wide variety of industries and recruiting for a large number of roles, Irish recruitment firms will aim to enhance their service offering by offering best in-class training programmes for their staff.

Amazing rewards initiative

Join the Irish recruitment industry to unlock your earning potential where the amazing rewards initiatives that are currently in place across the nation have showcased recruiters dedication to their staff and maintaining a competitive position within the market.

We can only speak for ourselves here at CREGG where we offer a highly competitive bonus structure (with uncapped potential!), contributions to your pension, income protection and a vast array of non-monetary rewards that are tailored to boost your job satisfaction and keep you as a member of the CREGG family.

82% of workers in the recruitment industry have stressed the importance of workplace incentives with the industry leaders responding by introducing an attractive commission package that has risen by on average 15% year on year since first being introduced.

While the job itself is immensely satisfying, it also offers stability as during months with no placements or commissions, you still have the security of your reliable base salary.

A modern way of working

In 2023, the Irish recruitment industry has embraced modern ways of working, leveraging technology and innovative practices to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and overall employee satisfaction to meet both personal and professional requirements.

Recruiters, better than others, understand how the ways of working are evolving and we at CREGG try to reflect this through each and every way that we go about our day to day operations.

From flexible and hybrid working arrangements allowing us to widen our search for the next CREGG employee to further afield than only those located in our local environment to adopting and embracing the latest technology and industry intelligence throughout our processes, we aim to stay ahead of the curve to be in the best position possible to encourage the right individual to work for us.

Our aim is to make our people feel as fulfilled at work as they do at home

Build relationships

Working in the Irish recruitment industry offers an enriching experience, enabling professionals to build relationships with colleagues and job candidates from diverse industries and backgrounds, contributing to an inclusive and dynamic working environment.

The Irish recruitment industry attracts professionals from various backgrounds including newcomers to the industry, professionals transferring from another sector and the vast array of amazing individuals who already work in recruitment from day to day, there is more than enough opportunity to connect with like-minded people.

Alongside developing connections with your colleagues, professionals regularly interact with job candidates who expose you to diverse experiences, skill sets, and perspectives helping you to grow in your job from both a personal and professional standpoint.

So, do you think a career in Irish recruitment is for you?

Why not chat to us about a career in Irish recruitment today

We are happy to speak to you about the potential benefits and challenges of either beginning your career in recruitment or whether you are looking to take the next step along the industry career ladder.

We hope you found our discussion interesting and we helped you make your next career decision.

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