Executive Search

Executive Search

Executive Search is a highly strategic recruitment process designed to help find and hire for top-level executives or senior management roles.

It is important that you feel comfortable throughout this search process and we understand the pressure that you and your business is under to find the right candidate for this high-level role.


The Personal Touch

Executive Search

CREGG uses a more personal approach to understanding your executive search needs where our Managing Director, David Fitzgibbon will get to know the ins and outs of your business to come to terms with each of your individual ambitions and concerns.

We know that hires for Executive Search roles often become leaders of the business – driving growth, guiding the company through transitional periods, transforming performance and ultimately maintaining your success into the future.

Our strength lies within David’s unmatched experience and track record within the Irish Executive Search market and we would love to speak with you to see how we can ease your concerns and find a trusted solution.

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Embrace the power of personalised excellence with David, our visionary Managing Director leading CREGG, your trusted partner in executive search.

Unlocking Ireland’s hidden talent, we combine David’s unwavering commitment with a seamless connection between extraordinary individuals and exceptional opportunities.

Trust in CREGG, where your personalised pursuit meets executive success, and together, we redefine what it means to find the perfect fit.

CREGG MD – David Fitzgibbon


Comfortable Process

Recruitment Process Audit

We want to ensure your entire Executive Search process is carried out professionally and dealt with in a personalised manner providing your company with the necessary tools to move forward, with benefits such as;

Putting You First

David specialises within Executive Search and he will be available to you and your company directly throughout the entire recruitment process, guiding you step by step until the perfect solution for your business is found.

Guaranteed Strict Confidentiality

We understand that all information related to your executive search process is sensitive and we guarantee to maintain 100% confidentiality, protecting both your company’s reputation and candidate privacy.

Unmatched Reach & Expertise

Our 7 office locations nationwide coupled with our amazing team of industry-specialised recruiters who will support David in his search for your Executive Hire give you that extra reach you need to find the perfect fit.

Tailored Search Package

We remain engaged and flexible throughout the entire executive search process, constantly responding to your exact needs to guarantee we deliver a quality solution that will provide your company with the required impact.


Industries We Work In

Ever since our inception in 1993, we have filled top-level Executive Roles providing us with over 30 years experience in finding the trusted solution for Fortune 500 companies.

Our specialist recruitment divisions include;

  • Medical Devices
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • IT
  • Accounting & Finance
  • HR
  • Office Support
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Multi-Lingual Customer Support
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Legal
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Software Development
  • General Management
  • MES – Manufacturing Execution Systems
  • Pharmacy
  • Project Management


Despite being the recruitment partner of choice in 20-plus industries, we will never rest on our laurels. Innovation is rooted in our culture and our aim is to continue to provide you and your business with the most modern & powerful approach.


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