Interview Preparation

CV and Interview Preparation

There is a lot of conflicting information about how a CV should be laid out, how to approach interview preparation, and more. This can make the jobseeking process incredibly frustrating for candidates.

At CREGG, we pride ourselves in our approachable nature and willingness to assist our candidates to develop and succeed in their careers. Therefore, you can trust our consultants to deliver the best, most current CV and interview preparation tips and help you land the perfect opportunity.


Perfect your CV

As your very first introduction to a prospective employer, the importance of getting your CV right cannot be overstated.

At CREGG, we have our finger on the pulse of a wide range of key industries, enabling us to provide you with unrivaled insights into the skills, competencies, and experience that hiring companies are looking for on a CV.

We will provide you with the latest and best CV templates and work closely with you to ensure that your CV communicates your strengths and suitability for a role as clearly and effectively as possible.

Here are some quick guidelines to help you get started on your CV.


Getting Started

  • Use bullet points where possible as these are easier for the reader to digest
  • The use of “I” should ideally be limited to your Professional Profile
  • Include dates of employment for every job you have held in the format of month and year
  • If you have any career gaps, try your best to provide an explanation for each of these
  • Two-page CVs are preferred by employers, anything longer dilutes the content
  • Your CV must be tailored for every job and company you apply for
  • Identify the key skills and experiences outlined in the job description
  • Your Profile/Summary should also be tailored to highlight skills and experiences that are relevant to the role


Interview Preparation


Prioritise your Interview Preparation

With an interview secured, the next step is to help you put your best and most authentic foot forward. For this, interview preparation is absolutely essential.

Our team will assist you in your research of the hiring company, work with you on the most common interview questions, ensure that your answers are fortified with examples that best highlight your abilities, conduct mock interviews, and provide constructive, actionable feedback.

If you have an interview on the horizon, check out our best practice advice below on how to begin preparing.


Where to Begin

  • Start by researching the company to gain a strong understanding of what they do, how they operate, and what their values are
  • Review the job description, person specification, and your CV in detail to help you think of ways to demonstrate your suitability
  • Practice answering some of the most common interview questions such as “tell me about yourself?”
  • Use the STAR (Situation, Task, Activity, Result) approach to answering questions, and make sure to include plenty of relevant examples


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