Transform Your Career Path with CREGG Career Transitions. Our expert-led program empowers retiring Garda members for seamless transitions to private sector careers.

Exclusive Service for Retiring Garda Members

Throughout their career, Garda members cultivate a unique blend of specialised skills and experiential knowledge. As they approach retirement, many aspire to leverage these distinct competencies in the private sector. However, transitioning from the public sector to a private sector environment can pose challenges.

This is where CREGG Career Transitions steps in. The results of research undertaken by our team of recruitment experts with Garda members close to retirement illustrates the overwhelming need for a career transition service for members of An Garda Síochána.

We’re dedicated to facilitating a seamless career transition for retiring Garda members, ensuring they are well-positioned to secure future employment in the private sector.

Unique Challenges Require Unique Solutions

As retirement approaches, Garda members are confronted with the task of transitioning from a structured public service environment to the dynamic and competitive private sector. The shift involves navigating unfamiliar territories, where the skills and expertise gained during their service might not be readily recognised or utilised.

Many face the challenge of translating their specialised experiences into appealing assets for private-sector employers. Moreover, the process of crafting an effective CV, understanding modern job search techniques, and acclimating to the nuances of interviews outside the public sector can be overwhelming.


Challenges Faced by Retiring Garda Members

  • Transitioning to Private Sector
  • Translating Skills for Private Sector
  • Navigating Job Search Process
  • Interviewing Outside Public Sector
  • Uncertainty in Job Search


Solutions Offered by CREGG Career Transitions

  • Transition Support
  • Skills Translation Assistance
  • Comprehensive Job Search Guidance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Targeted Job Search Strategies

What To Expect?

Our program offers comprehensive one-day workshops designed specifically to address these challenges. We provide specialised guidance on crafting powerful CVs that highlight transferable skills, conducting skills assessments to align them with private sector demands, mastering LinkedIn for effective networking, and honing interview skills for successful job acquisition. The workshops focus on practical tips and tools, ensuring a deep understanding of the job search process and personalised plans for each participant.


Additionally, we offer post-workshop individual support plans tailored to the unique needs of participants. Our career coaches leverage their expertise to assist in the transition phase, guiding individuals towards securing not just any job, but the right job that aligns with their acquired skill set and aspirations. CREGG Career Transitions aims to facilitate a smooth and rewarding transition, ensuring retiring Garda members are well-equipped and positioned for success in the private sector.

One-Day Workshop

Our one-day workshops are meticulously designed to equip retiring Garda members with the essential skills and knowledge required for a successful transition into the private sector. Each workshop, conducted in an immersive and interactive setting, focuses on empowering participants with practical insights and tools vital for their career progression post-retirement.


  1. CV Writing Guidance:
    • Comprehensive sessions guiding participants on crafting impactful CVs tailored to the private sector.
    • Highlighting transferable skills and experiences acquired during their service.
  2. Navigating the Job Search Process:
    • In-depth discussions and practical advice on modern job search techniques.
    • Strategies to identify job opportunities and maximise input in the job search process.
  3. LinkedIn Mastery and Personal Branding:
    • Expert guidance on optimising LinkedIn profiles for effective networking and job hunting.
    • Building a strong online presence to attract potential employers.
  4. Interview Tactics and Preparation:
    • Specialised training to enhance interview skills, addressing private sector interview nuances.
    • Preparation for competency-based questions and handling challenging scenarios.
  5. Developing Effective Job Search Strategies:
    • Insightful sessions on where and how to look for job opportunities in the private sector.
    • Guidance on creating a structured approach to job hunting.
Interested in learning more?

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David Fitzgibbon

T: 0818 004 564

E: careertransitions@cregg.ie

CREGG Career Transitions aims to facilitate a smooth transition from the public sector to the private sector for retiring Garda members. We provide comprehensive guidance and support to ensure they are well-equipped to secure future employment opportunities.

By participating in the workshop, you will gain a clear understanding of the key elements of the job search process, practical tips, and tools for job hunting, and develop a personalized plan for your next career step.

The workshop covers a range of essential topics including CV writing guidance, self-assessment of transferable skillsets, LinkedIn and marketing guidance, interview techniques development, competency-based question strategies, and effective job search techniques.

The workshops run from 10 AM to 5 PM and take place on a regular basis. Contact David Fitzgibbon for more information. T: 0818 004 564  E: careertransitions@cregg.ie

The workshop is run by David Fitzgibbon, Managing Director of CREGG, a leading recruitment and talent solutions company, and Oliver Nally, a Life & Interview Coach with over 25 years of service in An Garda Síochána.

Participants receive a full handbook during the workshop and will also receive emailed items of interest following the session, such as topical articles and self-help books, to further support their career transition journey.

The cost of attending the workshop is €250 per person, which includes comprehensive guidance, support materials, and personalized coaching from industry experts.

For inquiries or to register for the workshop, please contact David Fitzgibbon on T: 0818 004 564 or E: careertransitions@cregg.ie