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Careers in Ireland – 2023 Breakdown

We believe it is important to take a minute to survey what is currently happening within the Irish recruitment industry and how these trends are affecting careers in Ireland and what is on the horizon for those who are trying to plan a few steps ahead.

Our team of recruitment experts have delved deeper into a number of core interest points within the current landscape of Irish recruitment to give you a better picture as to what you can expect from a variety of different factors.

We have discussed a number of key areas of interest such as a sector by sector industry breakdown, a locational analysis overview, what is the future f the working world in Ireland and if there will be the right opportunity for you.

Whether you’re considering a career transition or seeking growth within your field to beginning the search for an ideal candidate or scaling up your start-up business from scratch, CREGG is your trusted recruitment partner and is on the journey with you, right by your side and all the way.

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For over three decades CREGG have acted as Ireland’s recruitment specialists in almost all areas of industry and we have a dedicated team for each of Ireland’s core sectors who specialise in sourcing talent, providing opportunities and maintaining a watchful eye over all the current developments within their respective markets.

Here is a quick breakdown of key trends within Irish recruitment –


The Irish engineering sector is experiencing high demand for skilled professionals across various industries, with a particular emphasis on sustainable engineering, digital transformation, and emerging technologies.

The sector accounts for 4% of all job vacancies in Ireland but faces the overall challenge of filling such positions due to a shortage of talent, particularly in specialised areas such as software engineering, data analytics, and renewable energy.

Read more about emerging trends in Ireland’s engineering industry – here.

Information Technology (IT)

The Irish (IT) sector currently accounts for 9% of all job vacancies in Ireland In 2023 and is experiencing robust growth and a persistent demand for highly skilled professionals across various domains such as software development, cybersecurity, and data science.

The sector is characterised by an increasing reliance on emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) with Ireland one of the only locations across the globe to have a growing number of IT vacancies following the worldwide sector job cuts.

Accounting & Finance

Despite two major banking institutions exiting the Irish market, growth prospects remain strong in the Irish accounting and finance sector in 2023 and accounts for 5.5% of all job vacancies in Ireland.

There is again a particular emphasis on specialised roles such as financial analysts, data analysts, and compliance specialists, as companies focus on data-driven decision-making, regulatory compliance, and strategic financial management.

Science & Pharma

From a recruitment perspective, the Science & Pharma sector in Ireland is witnessing strong growth and a continuous demand for skilled professionals across various scientific disciplines.

The sector is driven by ongoing research and development, increased focus on biotechnology and personalised medicine, and the need for expertise in areas such as genomics, immunology, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Industry remains robust following enhanced rate of job production throughout the pandemic period and currently accounts for 5.5% of current job vacancies in Ireland

Retail & Customer Service

The Customer Service & Retail sector in Ireland in 2023 is experiencing a shift towards enhanced customer experience, omnichannel retailing, and the integration of technology in service delivery with a 25% increase on the number of job vacancies available across the sector compared to 2022.

There is a growing demand for professionals skilled in customer relationship management, e-commerce, digital marketing, and data analytics to meet the evolving needs and expectations of customers in an increasingly competitive market.


Remote Working

Since the Covid pandemic hurried along the introduction and increased usage of remote working methods, companies across various industries in Ireland have embraced a WFH / Hybrid approach as a viable option, allowing flexibility, attracting a wider talent pool, and promoting work-life balance highlighted by the fact 32% of workforce use hybrid working strategy.

The adoption of such working methods has also prompted recruiters across the nation to focus on assessing candidates’ remote work capabilities, such as effective communication, self-motivation, and adaptability to virtual collaboration tools.

Remote working is increasingly becoming an important option for people beginning their careers in Ireland in 2023. The shift towards remote work has opened up opportunities for individuals to work with companies and organisations across the country, regardless of their physical location

Did you know? 750,000 people in Ireland work at least 1 day from home every week



At CREGG, we are proud to boast a national reach that is built upon a localised approach. With offices in Shannon, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Dublin, Roscommon, and Kilkenny, and experienced consultants operating nationwide, we have unrivalled access to the best candidates and companies in Ireland.

This has given us a great opportunity to delve further into our surrounding job markets to highlight potential prospects and ideal locations for launching careers in Ireland for 2023.

Here are some of the key performance metrics surrounding CREGG office locations regarding both yearly and quarterly performance statistics.

Limerick – 7% YoY decrease on over past 12 months / 2% increase on Q4 2022

Galway – 39% YoY increase on 2022 / 13% increase on Q4 2022

Clare – 24% YoY increase on 2022 / 2% decrease on Q4 2022

Dublin – 10% YoY increase on 2022 / 7% increase on Q4 2022

Cork – 10% YoY increase on 2022 / 2% increase on Q4 2022

Kilkenny – 36% YoY increase on 2022 / 5% decrease on Q4 2022

Roscommon – 38% YoY increase on 2022 / 40% increase on Q4 2022


Growing Workforce

Ireland’s growing workforce presents an optimistic outlook and serves as a compelling reason for individuals to consider building their careers here for 2023 and moving forward.
Ireland offers a fertile ground for professional growth and development with 2.3 million people currently in employment nationwide representing a 15% growth on 2022 numbers.

Ireland boasts a dynamic business ecosystem, characterised by strong networks, supportive industry clusters, and a spirit of entrepreneurship.

The presence of multinational corporations, innovative startups, and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) creates a fertile ground for career growth and learning which will enable your progression no matter your industry of expertise.

We hope all of the above encourage you to further research careers in Ireland!

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