Contingent Work

Choosing the Right Contingent Workforce Agency

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the contingent workforce is becoming increasingly vital & selecting the right agency partner to manage this workforce is paramount. 

The right choice can enhance talent quality, streamline operations, and bolster your organisation’s adaptability. Equally, a poor choice can lead to inefficiencies and potential setbacks.

14 Steps to Choosing Your Contingent Workforce Agency


1. Communication and Support

  • What kind of customer support do they offer? Is there a dedicated account manager?
  • How often will you receive updates, and what’s their response time to queries?


2. Cultural Fit

  • It’s essential to work with an agency that understands your company’s culture and values, ensuring a smooth integration of contingent workers into your organisation.


3. Flexibility

  • Are they willing to customise their services to cater to your specific needs?
  • How adaptable are they to changes or unforeseen challenges?


4. Scalability

  • Can the agency handle your current needs and also scale up (or down) as your requirements change?


5. Reputation and Experience

  • How long have they been in the business? Experience often equates to a refined process and deeper industry insights.
  • Ask for references from current or past clients.


6. Specialisation

  • Does the agency have experience in your specific industry or the roles you are seeking?
  • Some agencies specialise in specific sectors, which can be an advantage if you’re in that particular sector.


7. Quality of Talent

  • What processes do they use for sourcing, vetting, and onboarding talent?
  • Do they have access to a wide talent pool, or do they rely on a limited network?


8. Compliance and Risk Management

  • Ensure they adhere to labor laws, tax regulations, and other compliance issues related to contingent workers.
  • What processes do they have in place to minimise risks associated with contingent labor, such as co-employment risks?


9. Cost Structure

  • Understand all associated fees and potential hidden costs.
  • Do they offer a transparent pricing model?


10. Technological Capabilities

  • Do they use modern workforce management systems? How about AI-driven talent matching?
  • Can their systems integrate with your HR or procurement platforms?


11. Training and Development

  • Do they offer training programs for the contingent workforce to align with your company’s standards and requirements?


12. Performance Metrics and Reporting

  • How do they measure and report on the success of their placements?
  • Will they provide regular updates on contingent workforce performance?


13. Terms of Engagement

  • Understand the contract terms, especially regarding termination clauses, guarantees, and liabilities.


14. Diversity and Inclusion

  • Does the agency have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion? Can they provide a diverse pool of candidates?

Always trust your intuition, even if an agency looks good on paper, you should feel comfortable and confident in your choice.

Building a strong partnership with the right agency will be pivotal in effectively managing and optimising your contingent workforce.

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